Pick Me Up Treatment

  • Skin Treatments

Suitable for dull, dry, ageing, mild acne, congested skins.  Free radical fighting antioxidants defend skin from environmental stress that can cause inflammation and damage to collagen and elastin.  Excellent resurfacing treatment to boost the skin moisture levels.  Increases micro-circulation reducing inflammation, oxygenating and detoxifying.  Reduces overproduction of oil and harmful bacteria.  Lifts and firms by improving muscular tone.  Improves epidermal firmness and reduces open pores.  Promotes collagen and elastin production.   The perfect treatment for special events.

Treatment consist of a Carbon Peel, Dermaplaning, Enzyme Peel, Infusion via Nano Stamp, Hydro Jelly Eye Mask, Silk Face Sheet Mask,  Jade Stone Facial Massage and Serums.  100% client satisfaction and result driven.

“My clients love my signature treatment.  I must say, it is my favorite treatment.”  Riana